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We are too busy to work on social media
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I am not sure if there is a app that can automatically post store listings but you can schedule listings for instagram using the app Planoly.
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You could try around.io
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I like Later.com. Not free when you have a lot of posts, but it saves a lot of time. I was with Buffer before but it is quite expensive.

I use Tailwind as well for Pinterest...it is around 100 bucks for the full year...and they have this TRIBES thing..I mean you need to check...it is like sharing to a bunch of people from the same tribe. Hope this help. Happy sale!

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Tailwind now does Instagram as well.  They are now an Instagram approved app, and it will post to Instagram for when you schedule it.  You do not need to go to your phone to complete the post.  I am using it for both Pinterest and Instagram.
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Thank you so much, will look further, automating this would a huge timesaver
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You can always use hootsuite.com's free option too. I like to schedule social media for the week on Sundays and then I interject throughout the week with live Instagram posts.
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