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Is it important to use the "Shop Updates" function to get higher visibility/ranking in Etsy?
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They help in the way that Etsy likes your account to be active and shop updates and recent announcements help with that. Also it helps when customers visit your shop and they see the latest update on your shop page. They used to show the updates on the Etsy homepage to people that had favourited your shop but that seems to have changed on the PC....although I think there are still notifications happening via the app. They don't seem to affect ranking directly but does not hurt to post them when you can.
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I have heard it is helpful but would also like to know more about it. Maybe Anthony can chime in.
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Good question, short answer is I'm not sure. I'm not aware of anything official that connects Shop Updates to an increase in ranking.

I think it can help with visibility and social awareness (https://www.etsy.com/seller-handbook/article/5-tips-for-sharing-your-story-with-shop/31380092335)
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Yes an no. I have noticed personally when I am actively working in my shop doing shop updates etc. I make consistent sales as aposed to doing nothing then my sales are not consistent . Having sales is what helps your rankings so if it takes updating my shop daily to get sales then I would say yes.
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I use shop updates if I haven’t got any new listings to add but it sends, I hope, a message to Etsy that my shop is still ‘live’ and active. At least I hope it does! One good thing it’s free so it can’t hurt!
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I use the social media section everyday -- which I think some people use as interchangeable with updates.  I either post about an item I renewed ie "Love #purple? So do I!  Here is a favorite #memorywire #bracelet in my #etsy shop: . . . "  or I will do sales or offers AND I sometimes do updates!  It has helped in getting some sales -- mostly from my FB friends and families!  If it weren't for them, I would have had negligible sales for 2018!  I agree with other comments that it hopefully let's ETSY know that you are active and care!
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