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I have had my shop for about a year.  www/etsy.com/shop/adagioarticrafts
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Distinctive, Superb, Fabulous are words that have no meaning for me when I'm searching for jewelry. And when I see those words I get really judgey. Is it superb? I don't think so, and I move on. Yeah, I'm probably a bit contrary, but it is a waste of valuable space that could be used to describe the product precisely.

As a customer I will never type in "Fabulous Sparkly Link Bracelet" into the search bar. If it is a word that people won't write in the search engine, then I don't use it in my titles. It is telling me nothing about the bracelet.

I like the 9th picture the best, I can see it better. The music sheet background is busy. I would prefer it on the black background because I think it would "Pop" and show off the colors. Those colors are beautiful, but on white they look a bit washed out.

I love how you made this out of earrings! At first it looked to me as if it was always meant to be a bracelet. I love re-purposing items.  I would never call them 'junk jewelry', though.  $32 is too pricey for junk. And especially since it doesn't look like junk, don't describe it that way. It looks very pretty and fashionable. I would say vintage earrings or something else, but never junk.

If these were my listings I'd remove the fluffy words from the titles. The description looks good. I don't usually put in what occasions my items are good for, but you said it quickly and nicely. The only thing I do differently is I never use a coin to show scale. I use a ruler. I feel that way, even though I write 7 inches in my description, they can see 7 inches on a ruler, too. It's not foolproof, but at least I tried smiley

Good luck!

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Thanks very much!  Will make some changes soon.
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