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I would be very grateful if anyone would like to pick a random listing for a ready to ship item and give some advice.  My competition seems like they are going crazy with sales while I limp along.  My style is fun and a little quirky.  Thanks so much,
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For whatever reason, I can't get to your shop with the link in the title of your post.

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I picked this listing: https://www.etsy.com/listing/638117990/large-makeup-bag-seahorse-unicorns?ref=shop_home_active_3

I absolutely love these colors! If I used make-up bags (or small bags like this) I would buy it. I do think it is mis-named, though. I see Seahorses, Sea Anemones and Whales. I didn't see any unicorns. Unless I'm just not seeing it, I'd take unicorns out.

I looked more carefully, and I guess the sea horse looks like it has a horn. If I was a unicorn lover I'd be disappointed. I'd just call it a sea shell. I would also have seahorse, sea anemones and whales in your tags. I would play up the funky sea creature vibe of the bag.

I don't know what a Zuma bag is. If it is a name brand bag and your bag is handmade, I would take that out of the tags. It isn't describing your bag well and if it is a trademarked name you could get in trouble with that in your tags.

One tag is Fun Colorful Gift. I would use my tags to describe what it is. This is so generic of a term that it could be used to describe a hat, shoes, an umbrella, a coloring book . . . those words have no real meaning when it comes to what people write in the search bar and as tags they won't add to you getting found in search.

You have gotten a lot of sales, so you are doing very well! Good luck!
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Hi Kim - thanks so much for taking a look! (and for the kind words)  I will use your suggestions and change my listing a bit.  I guess knowing the right things to try comes  with experience...lol but I am trying.  (and in case you were wondering Zuma is the name of the line of fabric - a lot of people search for things made with fabric from this particular designer, Tula Pink and Zuma is her latest line...her artistry is amazing!)  Thanks again  for the positive vibes!
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