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My shop is https://www.etsy.com/shop/SanqunettiDesigns  My focus on sales is my SVG cutting files

I am pretty active, and upload 4-5 times a week. I promote on Facebook - Groups... and on Pinterest mostly.  My sales have been getting better, but still seem towards the bottom of my competitors I follow.

Thanks in advance for your tips!
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I love your shop! You have a nice profile section and your policies are clear and understandable in laymen's terms (so thanks!) 

You could try reworking your titles a bit. Take your lowest performer and work the title. I grabbed this cute spider to give you an example

Spider SVG, Girl halloween, Halloween svg, Fall svg, Halloween cut file, DXF, eps, DXF, spider clipart, cricut, silhouette

I would do:

Halloween Girl Spider SVG, Halloween Spider cut file, spider cut file, spider clip art', DXF, EPs, cut files for cricut, cut files for silhouette

Just be aware that the "new" etsy rules tell you to make a readable title but left it open to interpretation. They also said you could use punctuation or symbols to separate phrases. My titles look similar to this and I'm experiencing my best months ever. If you're worried about breaking etsys rules, change one or two poor performers and see if it makes a difference. Good luck! 

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Thank you for your feedback! I'm slowly learning.  Now the hard part is waiting to see if changes help

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