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I start by assessing my object for sale, then jot down a few descriptive words that pop into my head.  I also use both my Thesaurus and Dictionary.   The EtsyRank site has a color thesaurus also.  Tags can also include what the item is used for, its history, and anything that might relate to it.

Example:  A rhinestone necklace can include tags like Vintage, Retro, 1950s; Color, Aurora borealis, Ruby Red, Emerald Green; Prom jewelry, wedding jewelry; Designer, Country of origin.  Superlatives like Dazzling, Sparkling and Gorgeous can be used, too.  Pretty limitless once you get started!
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1. I start off by making a list of very descriptive words. Like exactly what it is. I then research those terms. Are they used or not, what are others using (do not copy, just look and see how they describe it and get ideas). This way I get my general keywords. (example: art print, wall art) - what is it.

2. I then go more in depth. What is the item used for more specifically? Research the keywords. This is usually long-tails (for me at least). (art for kids, nursery print, kids room art) - what is it used for

3. Then I find words that describe what the item resolves or what desire it fills. These are very broad terms and I only use a few of those (nursery decor, kids room decor) - what you wish to do with it

I hope my little list makes sense. :-)

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