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I worked intensely on my SEO and the majority of my listings now have an A grade on EtsyRank. This was about two weeks ago, and I was told to wait a bit for the changes to kick in, but I've still not gotten more views from the Etsy search engine, so I'd really like to know what else I can do.

I'd really appreciate any feedback on how I can improve my SEO as I've done everything within my knowledge.

Thanks so much.

My Etsy shop link: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/AMidsummerHome

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Would appreciate any comments on my shop please.
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This is just my personal opinion, but I think I would start by cropping in your thumbnail so that the prints are easier to read.  By thumbnail I mean the photo that is seen when your shop is open to the first page and you can see a few of your listings.  I like the way they are displayed in the same frame and look very uniform.  I think they would be better for the thumbnail view at least if all you saw was the outside edge of the black frame.   Another suggestion would be to have a nice banner made on fiver.  They are only about $15 U.S. and really add a professional look to your shop.

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