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How much does location play in search within Etsy? Are there things that you can do within Etsy to help or is the only solution to drive traffic to your store from social media. Do the more sales you have reduce the effect of location?
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I have not an "answer" but I have an experience with tampering with this as I live on a very small island (a sovereign part of Finland) and I thought my location would impact my search results. I asked Etsy about this and they said it would not impact my chances of being found. I changed to the nearest city in Finland just to try. I did not see any drastic changes in traffic. But, Finland is not using Etsy that much so the trial had its flaws. Try to send Etsy a question and see what they say about your location and shop.
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I'm located in Tucson, AZ.  I have seen a recent increase in sales in Tucson and in Arizona.  Recently Etsy has changed to drive more location business to Etsy shops.  I hope this continues.

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