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I opened 2009 but did start using it till July 2018 I have got all A and b grades , but still no traffic . So what is next? https://www.etsy.com/shop/SenaTidwell
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Hi there, first of all your Etsy Shop is stunning.  I love your art!  I had all A and B grades and struggled with sales.  In June, July and August I started looking at my listings that had low viability ratings.  I notices that even though they had an A rating the visibility was 9%.  What I noticed is I had a majority of keywords that were in the very high competition category.  So using the keyword ranking tool I put in the keyword I was using that had the very high competition rating.  Then I sorted the competition column with the high competition rating at the top.  I looked at the high competition, medium competition and low competition key words to see if they fit my listing.  I eliminated any words that had low demand or low engagement.  I replaced very high competition keywords with these new keywords.

Once I had the key words changed I renewed the listing.  In July I had my best month ever on Etsy and I started my shop in 2008.  So far August has been a very good month too.  Typically summers are not my best sales months.  I sell in Spring and Fall.  I think that is because I sell fine art photography and that is when people are looking to decorate their homes.  So to have an amazing July sales were up 482% over last year at this time.

I looked at your descriptions and ran them through the bulk key word took and they didn't rate well.  Of course I couldn't be sure that your descriptions were tags you used.  

I hope this helps.

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It might be worth separating your shop into two, one for your beautiful original art work and one for your print on demand products.
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