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I have a listing sold more than hundred times several years ago ( making no sales anymore) and still have a good place on search that brings some traffic to my shop, however, the photos are quite bad and I want to retouch it. Do you think I should change some of the elements of that listing or should I just leave it alone?
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Products go out of demand when trends change, as Christine says. I would not be afraid of changing the pics for this product as it is necessary to keep "in trend" with pics and styling. Note, this is as it is not selling anymore. If you are afraid/not comfortable changing it, maybe you can rearrange the order your pics are showing as a slow start of reworking your listing. After a week or two (depending on your amount of traffic) make a decision. If the sales have not jumped back, maybe it is time to revamp it. Head up though, if it is just a summer drop in sales then keep it as is. Soon your customers will be back at their computers!
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Thank you for your answer Sandra!

It is a knitted sweater and actually, I am not expecting it to be sold at least for now, but it is bringing traffic which is also nice for me :) I think I will wait for a couple of weeks before changing the photos.
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 A product that sold well years ago may not be in demand now or it just needs to be reworked.  Use the Etsy rank tool to look at it's sale history for clues for what worked with your tags and title and rewok it with new pictures.

Also look on Etsy for similar items. Is it a popular item? How are other sellers doing, are they actually selling the item? ( look at their recent sales)

Good luck!

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Thank you so much for your answer Christine!

It was selling well because there wasn't that much competition when I first made it. Even though it is not selling well now, it brings some traffic to my shop so I am a bit unsure about reworking it. I heard so many "if it is seen on the first several pages don't change anything, don't touch it" things, and some say that they experienced a  big drop in visits and sales when they change the photos of a well-ranked listing.

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