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When is the best time to add Christmas related keywords to Etsy listings to get some traction before Christmas shopping begins? I know it takes a few weeks for new keywords to settle in the Etsy algo. Any experienced shop owners who has experience and can give me guidance. (My shop is just a couple of months old and I have not yet gained keyword weight in the algo).
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You can easily start doing it now. The holiday season is approaching so fast:)
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Is it good to just add tags, or should one go all in and change the listing title too? I would like just to change the tags... :-)
Yes, you can add some Christmas tags now, and incorporate it in the title later in the fall.
That is smart! Thank you! Do you have any suggestions/tips on how to keep track to which listings the tags has been changed to? I have app 180 listings at the moment. :-D
:)) 180 listing — WOW! I need to learn from you. I'd suggest using simple EXCEL (or Numbers if you on Mac) spreadsheet/table. It is what I do to keep track of all changes in my listings — tags, promotions, etc. It may need a couple of hours to build for 180 listings, but it will be a huge help to keep everything under control.
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I suggest you start now. If you are able an an extra image of the item with some holly or something holiday related, then remove it after the holiday.
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I am working on some Xmas pics, but I have so many listings I will only do the "best sellers" as it would be so much work to do all.
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It is very simple to keep track on your Etsy dashboard. 

When you add a new tag ( Christmas ) it will show up in your dashboard search on Etsy. 

After the holiday go to the dashboard and do a search for that tag or short phrase and change it out for something more relevant under quick edit. 

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OMG! You kind of saved my Etsy life! :-D Thank you!

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