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When I started Etsy I was selling higher price points ( $800-$1000+) along with medium price points, but it’s getting harder. Confused
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Please can someone critique my shop.

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Hi Seoqna

High end jewelry is not my thing and jewelry is a very saturated arena as you know.

My best advice is to go back to your sales history on Etsy rank and see if some of your changes have slowed down your sales. Too many changes at once is not a good thing (my opinion).  

Rule of thumb to always remember is after any holiday rush, things will always slow down - it's not your product or your listing its the demand for gifts! Try not to change any listing that was a good seller during high demand times. If a listing has had no sales in 30 days then re work it, so long as it is not a " themed item ".

Keep focus on weddings, anniversary and such. I looked at a few listings and you have awesome descriptive words. You are missing who the gift is intended for and what the occasion it could be for in many of your listings.

Sell gifts not jewelry...

My 2 cents :)

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Thank you, Christine.  What should the tag read instead of gift for women, or gift for her? On some pieces I use anniversary gift and I usually use birthday as the occasion when it’s $30-$80 I think.
I never select holiday....should I do that?
I appreciate you taking the time to answer
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Use all the tools Etsy offers, it will give you better odds of getting found.  I certainly would not categorize my tags by price. One man may think nothing of a $300 birthday gift while another may only be able to afford a $50 anniversary gift.

 Gift for woman or gift for her are both good but you don't want to use them only. Use different tags throughout the listings and see what ones show up in your 30day report. ( Etsy search phrases) those are the ones working for you.

Some suggestions:

Bride, Brides mom - Best friend, Wife, Girlfriend, Mom, Sister, Aunt, Grandmother (think outside the box)

Special occasion, Just because,
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