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I will be going on vacation from 8/8 - 8/19 if I put my shop on vacation mode will I be able to work on it or does my shop have to be in active live mode to make changes?
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I would extend your ship time if you can, that way you can work the admin part of the shop while away and then catch up on orders when you return. This is what I will be doing very soon and temporarily deactivating my more time consuming products.

I am pretty sure you can not work the admin part if it is in vacation mode. Someone correct me if I am wrong...

Enjoy your vacation!

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I am not sure as it has been a while since I put a shop into vacation.

You could deactivate your listings instead and that would allow you to work on your listings or put into place a longer dispatch time and just keep your shop open which would also allow you to work on your listings. There is a risk with the last suggestion as customers may not read you are on holiday.
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I have just put my shop into vacation mode for a month, you can still work on listings.
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Earlier this year, I was out of town for almost 4 weeks.  I kept my shop open, and as I sell jewelry, which are small items, I took my stock and mailing/label supplies with me.  Had several sales, and was worth keeping the shop open.
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