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first you need to have a product that customers are looking for.  in order for these customers to 'see you' in the 1st 3 pages of search you need to have good key words in your title, description and tags that match very closely to what these customers type into their search window while shopping.

2nd you need to have good photos.  it is your photos that entice the shopper to click on your listing.  the more people view and purchase the more you will move up to the 1st 3 pages.

etsy is an endurance game.  there is no quick and easy 'fix' to make great sales.  if there was, we would all be rich!!!
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Working on SEO using Etsy Rank or Marmalead to find longtail keywords, having sales on that product and 5 * reviews. Also might be worth looking into promoted listings to get seen until sales will push you up there.
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