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How much repetition in titles is too much versus sending strong matching info to Etsy for broader keywords. For instance starting title with “Amethyst bracelet, beaded bracelet, stretch bracelet, ...”. I worry using Amethyst Beaded Stretch Bracelet is too narrow because folks may like a design among all amethyst bracelets not just those looking for stretch only. Also if the Etsy category is Beaded bracelets is using that a wasted tag or stronger signal to use it in addition to the category. TY :-)
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You want your title to reflect your item so longer more specific keyword phrases will get buyers to your store rather than window shoppers. You can use your tags to put the broader keywords and narrow it down in your title.

The best thing to do is try it out on a couple of listings to see which one works better for sales in your shop.

Repetition in tags is something that was popular but it seems that Etsy is moving away from it now to specific and succinct titles that shoppers can read easier.
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